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Available Modules

A School Management ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is designed to streamline and automate various administrative and academic processes within educational institutions. Here's a comprehensive list of features commonly found in such solutions

01 : Front Office Management

Recording and tracking inquiries from prospective students and parents
Assigning follow-up tasks to staff members
Recording details of visitors to the school
Parents and Staff Complaint

02 : Student Information Management

Student enrolment and registration
Student profiles with personal details, photos, and contact information
Class and section assignments
Attendance tracking and reports
Health and medical records

03 : Teacher Management

Teacher profiles with contact information and qualifications
Class assignments and schedules
Attendance tracking for teachers
Performance evaluation and appraisal

04 : Academic Management

Course/Subject creation and management
Curriculum planning and scheduling
Lesson planning and sharing
Grading and assessment management
Exam and result management
Report card generation

05 : Fees and Finance Management

Fee collection and payment tracking
Online payment integration
Financial reporting and analytics
Invoice and receipt generation

06 : Parent and Guardian APP

Access to student attendance, grades, and progress
Communication with teachers and school staff
Access to school announcements and events

07 : Staff and Employee Management

Employee profiles and records
Leave management
Payroll and salary processing

08 : Library Management

Book cataloging and indexing
Check-in/check-out system
Online access to library resources

09 : Transportation Managementrent 

Route planning and allocation
Tracking of school buses and transport vehicles
Transportation fee management

10 : Communication and Collaboration

SMS notifications for parents and guardians
School-wide announcements and event notifications

11 : Timetable and Scheduling

Class timetables and subject schedules
- Exam schedules and invigilation planning

12 : Inventory and Asset Management

Tracking of school assets (computers, equipment, etc.)
Inventory management for stationery and supplies

13 : Data Security and Access Control

Role-based access control for different users
Data backup and recovery mechanisms

14 : Reporting and Analytics

Customizable reports for various modules (attendance, grades, finances, etc.)
-Data visualization for performance analysis

15 : Integration and Customization

Compatibility with other software systems (e.g., accounting software, LMS)
Customization options to tailor the ERP to the school's specific needs

16 : Mobile App Support

Access to key features and information through mobile devices
Keep in mind that different ERP solutions may have variations in the features offered, and some advanced systems might include additional modules or functionalities tailored to specific educational institutions' requirements.


             Language       :         PHP
            Frontend          :         HTML/CSS
            Mobile             :         Android

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